Poem of 2017!

2017 is finally drawing in,
and what a year it has been.
Weddings, Corporate and Events,
there’s nothing we haven’t seen.

Our wonderful team has expanded to 7,
and they’re just based on site.
Shout out to our casual staff,
who work weekends without a fight.

New venues and clients have joined,
we’re lucky to be working together.
May our relationships be fruitful,
friendly and last forever.

Our unit has changed
and meeting areas were painted.
Bride & Grooms have been welcomed,
and are now better acquainted.

Our Corporate and Wedding Brochures,
have been re-designed.
Networking breakfast meeting and marketing,
to help keep us in mind.

Awards have been won,
and Vans have been bought.
Thumbs have been broken,
and snow storms were fought.

Cheltenham Races, Gloucester Uni and Cadbury,
to name but a few,
Our corporate catering is busy,
but we still have space for you.

Over 40 Weddings across the county,
what a year it has been.
We wish you all the best of luck,
and hope it was the Wedding of your dreams.

So as we draw to the end of the year,
it’s time to look back and smile.
Every late night, weekend, busy day,
now it’s all worthwhile.

So now it’s time to finish this year,
and wish you all the best,
Here’s to a fantastic 2018,
and hope its better than the rest.